Warmly Welcome 2018 Fresh Students
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On September 8th, our college welcomed 2018 fresh students.

On Fenghuang Road Campus, the crowd surged and flags fluttered, showing a scene of vitality and joy. More than 4,000 full-time fresh students from 26 provinces across the country came into our school with advice and dreams and added a beautiful scenery to the pasture with maturity and self-confidence.

The school attaches great importance to the work. Ji Wenlin, chair of college council, He Zhengdong, president of our college, vice presidents Zhu Shanyuan and Zheng Yi and Ge Zhuxing, director of Jiangsu animal medicine center and other leaders went to the scene to offer condolences and guidance.

To ensure the work of welcoming fresh students proceeds in an orderly manner, our college held a coordinating meeting on the work, and formulated the workflow and links.

Our college provides electronic check-in and payment through service at the registration. Although the number of students is large, fresh students are holding admission notice, queuing up in an orderly manner, according to the registration process for all kinds of admission procedures.

Volunteers of our college help fresh students and parents to carry baggage, guide and assist them with all kinds of procedures. Enthusiastic and thoughtful service is like a beautiful pastoral card, which makes the fresh students and parents feel warm and comfortable. At the same time, the fast track is unobstructed. Many students with financial difficulties have realized their dream of university through the fast track.